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We have moved onto the next phase of our Building Project, called To Kill A Giant! This exciting new initiative was made possible by a donor who has agreed to add R3 to every R1 given to this project…So in effect, each rand that is donated has a far greater impact than it’s actual value. Just like David killing Goliath of old with a stone and a slingshot, each rand we give has multiplication power to slay this giant and see us move into Praise Park, just as God has promised.

Members of the Potch congregation took the initiative to launch the His People Bargain Bin group on Facebook in conjunction with this project. If you have a “white elephant” in your home – i.e. you have an item that you do not need and wish to sell to benefit the building project, you can join the Facebook group and advertise your item. The money will go into this “1 + 3” project and help us move into the new building a little quicker!

Find the Facebook group here:


Click the link below to view our new building’s dedication video

Praise Park Dedication Video


Telling His Story

In 2001 God gave us a word during our time of prayer and fasting from Isaiah 60 and Isaiah 58.

17b I’ll install Peace to run your country, make Righteousness your boss.
18 There’ll be no more stories of crime in your land, no more robberies, no more vandalism. You’ll name your main street Salvation Way, and install Praise Park at the center of town.
Isaiah 60 (The Message)


Praise Park

God’s promise to establish Praise Park in the centre of town started becoming a reality in 2003 when the church received their land from the municipality, free of charge. With the current real estate development and expansion in Potchefstroom, this site is precisely in the centre of the city, another fulfilment of God’s Word. Today the church land is home to a very busy construction site after building recommenced in November 2012. We are trusting God to use us and all our partners, friends and spiritual family to make the completion in 2014 a reality.


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