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Vision & Mission

“Bringing Supernatural Transformation to our world one person at a time”

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Vision Statement

Our vision statement is a memorable motto that serves to remind us of our purpose as His People Faith City. Every time we use it, we are re-enforcing who we are and why we exist. It is something people can easily relate to and remember.



Bringing Supernatural Transformation

to our world one person at a time


We achieve our purpose through following a discipleship strategy called The 4 E’s: Engage, Establish,  Equip, Empower.  Learn more


Our Logo

his peopleThe red arrow captures the process of transformation and reformation of individuals and of society. The concept comes from John 4. There is a gap in every life (top of the circle); people come to Jesus, as the woman at the well did in John 4, they then go into the world, but against the grain of the world (anti-clockwise) to tell others of Jesus and take them back to God. These people, in turn, accept Christ, go into the world and take these people back to Him. And the circle continues.

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